Arrangement Before Window 60x48

"To paint is to love again."
Henry Miller

"When you get it right, a painting has something of the sublime. A vitality that is a marriage of color and light, mystery and joy, longing and beauty."

"I strive to have a painting provide pleasure, mystery and a feeling of uplifted-ness.
For me painting means being always on the lookout for an image/idea that excites.
Sounds straightforward but it's nothing like a straight line. So many things count: the creamy light of late afternoon on landscape; the abstract beauty of marks on the side of a train car; new snow that reshapes all it touches; an interior filled with color and reverie; the riveting beauty of a vase of flowers; a fly fisherman in shadow; a disregarded corner of town; a found image...
I try to make a painting that has in it something of the magic and mystery of the thing; the alchemy; the thing that excites."

Stephen Dinsmore

2016 Shows and Articles

Anne Loucks Gallery, Chicago

Landscape, Modern Arts Midtown, Omaha, NE

Lux Center for the Arts, Lincoln, NE

Kevin Butler, Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard

Chicago Botanic Gardens Antique and Design Show

Articles:  Omaha Magazine      Lincoln Journal Star


2015 Shows

Modern Arts Midtown, Omaha, NE

"Poetry of Place",  William Havu Gallery, Denver, CO

Crowtown Gallery, Lubec,ME

Star Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME

"Travel", Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2014 Shows

"Snow", Selby Fleetwood Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Anne Loucks Gallery, Chicago, IL

Warm Springs Gallery, Warm Springs, VA

Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ

Kevin Butler Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA

2013 Shows

Blue Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Kevin Butler Gallery, Martha's Vineyard (Edgartown), MA

Selby Fleetwood Gallery,  Santa Fe, NM

Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ

Anderson O'Brien Gallery, Omaha, NE  "Baseball Paintings"

Modern Arts Midtown, Omaha, NE

Group shows at Groveland Gallery, Minneapolis, MN;  Kiechel Fine Art, Lincoln,NE;

Stephen Dinsmore paints from studios in Nebraska, Maine and Florida.

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